Kitchen Remodel Report, part 2:


After doing a ton of demo ourselves and finding way too many things that were above our paygrade, we decided to talk to my husband’s friend who is a contractor.  Our conversation with him initially started with just the cabinets because it was determined that with what we were looking to do, pre-built was not going to work and we needed custom.  That all turned into him and his guys coming in and taking the whole thing down to the studs.

Oh boy. We thought we were finding bad stuff before! There was old termite damage (yay for California living!) in the subfloors and some of the studs in the walls. They came in and completely replaced the subfloor and fixed the studs in the walls.

Next, we had an electrician come and check it all out. Initially, my husband was going to do the electrical, but we need a whole new electrical panel (not surprised) and it’s just way more than we were expecting. It’ll be nice though because before, we could make toast or brew coffee, but not at the same time. Also, we had three light switches that all turned on different lights in the room. And there wasn’t even that much light in the room.  This will be better. And we are getting under cabinet lights, which I always thought was pretty cool. 

Stay tuned for more, which will include, but is not limited to—because this is all full of surprises—plumbing, new floors, appliance installation, actual walls, and hopefully an end in sight.

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