Homemade Granola

Ever since I started this “new” healthy eating habit back in May, I’ve become obsessed with granola. I mean, I’ve always liked granola—what’s not to like?—but it wasn’t ever a big part of my regular diet. Now, it has become one of my favorite breakfasts. Mix it with some greek yogurt and fruit and you’ve got yourself the perfect start for the day!

I’ve been buying my granola at the store and they do have a lot of variety to choose from. I did notice, however, that the store-bought brands can get a bit pricey and are sometimes high in calories and sugar. It didn’t take long to occur to me that I could probably make this at home for less money and sugar.

I set out to The Google and started researching recipes. I quickly discovered that, while there are actual recipes to be found, you don’t really need one! And that’s my kinda dish! Just throw it together. Measuring? Nobody has time for that! Granola is also completely customizable to your tastes. You can put whatever you want in it. Gotta love that too.

For this particular granola, I hit up the bulk bins at Sprouts. This allowed me to go from bin to bin and just pick what sounded good to me. I also only got the amount I needed instead of buying a big bag of, say Flax seeds, only to use a couple tablespoons. I think I spent less than $2 on all the ingredients and I’ve gotten a lot of breakfasts out of the batch.

Here is how I made mine. I just eyeballed everything. I used more oats than anything else because that’s the base of the granola. Try to get items that are raw and unsalted so you can control the flavor. I also used only a few ingredients since this was my first time making granola and I wanted to keep it simple.

Rolled oats

Flax seeds

Slivered Almonds

Pumpkin seeds

Dried Pineapple


Coconut oil


Vanilla (just a dash)

On a baking sheet, add all your dried granola ingredients except for the pineapple. Always add whatever dried fruit you use after the baking process. My husband asked why I didn’t mix everything in a bowl first and the only reason is I didn’t want to dirty an extra dish, but feel free to do that if you want.


Once all the granola ingredients are mixed together, sprinkle with cinnamon to your taste preference. Then drizzle with coconut oil (melted if you are using the solid kind) and vanilla. I put these together in the same bowl so they were poured on at the same time. Mix together so the ingredients are all coated with the oil/vanilla. Spread in an even layer on the baking sheet.


Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes, until golden brown. Add a drizzle of honey and stir again. Bake about 5 more minutes.

Add the pineapple and let the granola cool before storing in an air-tight container.


First of all, this made my house smell sooooooo good! The toasted nuts and seeds, the vanilla and cinnamon. It was warm and heavenly. My husband did not like the pineapple addition, but that’s his personal preference. I liked it a lot. I will say, that I think it was over toasted just slightly. I don’t know if I left it in too long or if there wasn’t enough of it. Perhaps, the layer was too thin and got a bit over toasted. It wasn’t burned at all and was actually quite delicious, but I will be experimenting more with this recipe and various combinations.

What sorts of things do you like in your granola?


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