Summer Berry Trifle

Ah Summertime. Sweet, sweet summertime. The skies are blue, the sun is shining. It gets a little hot, but that’s what the pool and slip ‘n slide are for, right? Most important, it’s perfect BBQ weather!

Even though the first official day of summer isn’t until June 21, we usually consider Father’s Day our first BBQ of the Summer. 

This year, we weren’t going to be able to spend Father’s Day with my dad and the rest of my family, so my parents came up to our house the day before. We threw a tri tip on the smoker and I made my slow cooker baked beans, some cornbread, and cut up some watermelon. 

It was all delicious and led up to this super yummy dessert. Fruit this season has been so good here in SoCal, so I asked my husband if I should make a peach cobbler or a berry trifle. His answer was a resounding yes for the berry trifle.

This looks really pretty and people will think it was a lot of work, but it really isn’t. And it is so yummy! The fresh berries are so sweet and refreshing, so there isn’t really a lot of added sugar. You can make the vanilla custard from scratch, which is so good, but if you wanted to make it even easier you could use instant pudding and it would still be just as delicious.

For the pudding:

1/2 cup sugar

5 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon cornstarch

1/2 teaspoon salt

4 cups whole milk

4 egg yolks

2 tablespoons butter

2 teaspoon vanilla extract

For the berries:

1 lb of strawberries 

1 small container each of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries (I think they are about 6 oz)

1-2 tablespoons sugar, depending on the sweetness of the berries

For the cake:

Store bought pound cake

For the whipped cream:

1 pint heavy whipping cream

1/4 – 1/2 cup powdered sugar, depending on how sweet you want it

Start with the custard:

In a saucepan, whisk together the sugar, cornstarch, and salt.

Add the milk, and whisk together so everything is very well combined. Turn the heat in medium-high. Let the mixture come to a boil for about 30 seconds. It will become thick.

Put your egg yolks (make sure it’s yolks only… Don’t ask…) to a bowl and add a little bit of the hot milk mixture to temper the eggs. Whisk together and then add that back into the rest of the milk. 

Add your butter and vanilla and pour into a bowl to let cool completely.

While you wait for the custard to cool, you can prep your berries. I left the blueberries and raspberries whole, but I cut up the blackberries and strawberries. You can really use whatever berries and fruit you like.

Sprinkle with a little sugar and let sit until ready to assemble.

To assemble:

Cut the pound cake into 1″ cubes. Put 1/3 on the bottom of a trifle bowl. Top with 1/3 of the custard. I thinly sliced some strawberries and put them around the side of the dish. This is decorative and optional, but easy enough. Then add 1/3 of the berry mixture on top of the pudding.

Repeat your layers, ending with the last of the berries.

Just before serving, whip the heavy cream and powdered sugar together until stiff peaks form. Top the trifle with the whipped cream.

This was so good. Really… SO GOOD!! We all had seconds… and maybe little bites here and there as I walk past the fridge. Maybe.

The berries are sweet and refreshing. The pudding gets slightly absorbed into the pound cake and it all just comes together in the most delicious way possible.

And the main component is berries, so you know, it’s practically good for you. 


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