Slim Down: Week 1

I never knew 7 days could be soooooooo looooong!! This was the worst week. Seriously. I’d heard the first week on Nutrisystem would be like Hell Week, but now I know it to be true.
When you get your box of food, there is a smaller box inside labeled “Turbo Take Off” that you are supposed to use for your first week. You can’t eat your other foods yet, only the stuff in this box. Also, no snacks unless they are part of your unlimited non-starchy vegetables. Oh, and the shakes, but I’ll get to that in a minute. I’m no nutrition expert, but my guess is the purpose of this week is jump-start your metabolism, in a sense. You are only eating about 1000 calories or less a day. I actually double checked this with a Nutrisystem person via their online chat portal. It seems like not many, but that’s the idea. Whatever, I guess that’s what I signed up for.

The first couple days were the worst of the worst. I was so hungry. I was counting down the minutes until my next meal (every 3 hours). I think we made a mistake in starting on a Thursday. We had only been doing it for a couple days and it was the weekend already. Weekdays aren’t so bad because you are at work and busy and doing other things. The weekend, especially a holiday weekend, when you are just home and not distracted by work all you have to think about is food.
We cheated. Twice. I know, we have no will power. But actually, it wasn’t that bad. Every Friday night we go out with some friends of ours. This time we went to BJs Restaurant and my hubby got something from their “Enlightened Menu” and I got the Asian Chopped Chicken Salad. I had never gotten it before and I chose it because 1. I like Chinese chicken salad and 2. it was only 540 calories. You wanna know something? I would get that anyway. It was really so good, even if I weren’t dieting, I would get that salad.

Saturday was a bit different. Since we do a big family Mother’s Day on Sunday, I get my own on Saturday. We had been sitting around and I just really wanted to eat something. I particularly wanted something fried. I was breaking down. Ultimately, the husband ended up going out to this place that makes these AMAZING fish and chips. We shared one order (3 come to an order, but they are pretty big) and we didn’t eat the fries. Not too bad, right? How’s that for will power?! AND I ran on the elliptical afterwards. I actually ended up weighing less the next morning anyway, so totally worth it!

Speaking of the elliptical, I’m really beginning to love it. I hate running. I never really cared much for working out, period, but the elliptical is actually getting to be fun. And each day I find I can stay on longer and longer. I just put on Netflix on my tablet and I almost forget I’m running (well, jogging).

Anyway, week 1 is officially in the books and we can move on to the foods we actually got to choose and adding yummy flex meals and snacks (more on that later).

Progress report: down 4 pounds

*i started counting when I ordered nutrisystem. We placed the order and started eating better and working out while we waited for the first delivery. This 4 pounds was starting May 1, while technically our first day on Nutrisystem was May 5.

Food (I forgot to take pictures of everything, but here are a few):

First, the shakes: I think you can order these for the rest of your program if you want to add them, but they are part of the mandatory first week. There is a Turbo Shake that you are supposed to take between breakfast and lunch. It is chocolate and not really so great. It says it has Stevia in it, which is fine if you don’t mind that diet fake sugar flavor. I do mind it and I didn’t like it. My hubby says to make it extra cold and drink it fast so you can’t really taste it. Great, just how I like my food. The other shake is the Nutricrush. That one you take between lunch and dinner and it is also chocolate. That one is WAY better. I don’t know how it is different exactly, but it is much better tasting. The ingredient list also includes stevia, so maybe that isn’t the problem with the first one. I don’t know. I do know that I’m not a big fan of using shakes to get me through the day. There were days when I skipped them (I know… bad Nutrisystem user over here), but the interesting thing is, on the days that I did use them, by about mid-afternoon, I felt very bloated and a bit gassy (sorry for the TMI, but if you try this diet, I feel you should be aware of this possible side-effect of the shakes. I know I would want to know.) I did not feel this way on the days I skipped the shakes. I put 2 and 2 together on that one and exnayed the shakes.

Next, the bars: Part of the food offering is a lot of bars. Some are for breakfast, which is fine, but some are for lunch. They were all good. Some were exceptionally chewy in that they made my jaw hurt, but they were still good. Were they enough for a whole lunch? Hell no! But flavor-wise, good stuff. These are the ones I got: Fudge Graham Bar (like chocolate covered golden grahams! Not enough for lunch, but soooo good!), Blueberry Lemon Baked Bar (eh, just OK), Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola bar (good, but chewy is the key word here), Chocolate Peanut Butter bar (chewy, but really good), Harvest Nut Bar (the best one. They say this is the most popular and I can see why), Cinnamon Raisin Bar (very good!)



  • Muffins: The Turbo Take Off offers 3 different muffins: Blueberry, cinnamon streusel, and double chocolate. All were very good. They were moist and cake-like. They were a bit dense, not fluffy muffins, but that didn’t bother me.

Lunch (a couple of the bars were “lunch”. These are the entrees):

  • Loaded Potato: Pretty much mashed potatoes with bacon and cheese. Started off powdered so I was hesitant. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t good either, though. I won’t be including it for the rest of the program that I choose myself, that’s for sure.
  • Beans & Ham Soup: This is similar to a soup my mom used to make. Except this one didn’t have much flavor. I shouldn’t say that. It was fine. If I were to make this soup on my own and taste it, I would have added more salt. But these meals already have enough sodium in them, I wasn’t sure if it would be a good idea to add more. It wasn’t bad and since it was full of beans, it did keep me full for a good amount of time.

  • Three Cheese Chicken: This was a pasta dish that I enjoyed. I’m not sure what three cheeses were in it because it seemed like only cheddar, but hey, they say 3 I’ll believe them. It was similar to the kraft macaroni and cheese, but the individual microwave servings.

  • Chicken Noodle Soup: exactly as expected. Tastes just like the Campbell’s soup from the can. 


  • Italian Herb Flatbread Pizza: This was actually really good. There are yummy herbs in the crust and you get to put the sauce and cheese on yourself, so if you are a big sauce person you can load it up. If you are not, like me, you can put less. It did taste just like regular pizza too. The only complaint I had was the crust was basically just warm bread (because of the way you prepare it). I can’t help but wonder if I had done it in the oven if it would have made the crust more pizza-like. Next time.

  • Chili with beans: This was decent. It was just like the Hormel stuff you get in the can at the grocery store. I thought it was just a bean chili, but there was ground beef in it which I didn’t think was necessary. It had a good chili flavor, but the husband added hot sauce to his (because that is a freebie). I may or may not have added a little cheese to mine. But that’s just between you and me.
  • Ravioli with meat sauce: not bad. This was the first dinner I had so I didn’t really know what to expect. I think it would have been better without the meat.
  • Chicken Alfredo: Sorry, not sorry. This was awful. My husband didn’t seem to mind it, but I couldn’t even finish it. It didn’t look too appetizing, but it tasted even worse. The hubby added broccoli to his. Maybe that’s the trick. I will be avoiding this one in the future for sure.

*I am not being paid by Nutrisystem. This is my personal weight loss journey and just wanted to share my honest experience.


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