When a Foodie has Foodied Too Much…

Like most people, it seems, I have spent the better part of my life struggling with weight and body issues. Of course, looking back at old pictures, back when I thought I was a whale, I was in fact, not. I wish I could have that body again. I would actually appreciate it now! 
Alas, now I am pushing 32. I have two kids. My metabolism is just not what it used to be. I figured as long as I could still fit into my jeans, I should be fine, right? Even if that means tugging and prodding and practically begging the gods of denim to button. I also have a problem seeing my weight gain because of the way I gain, I think. My legs and arms are still good, but all my weight shows up around my middle (if I’m being honest, my arms are starting to get little jiggly). I seriously look pregnant ALL THE TIME! It’s the worst. You know those “last few pounds” that everyone talks about? The middle section that is last to go away when you start working out? Yeah, that’s where ALL my fat settled in and decided to declare their home.

My weight problems, real or imagined, have always nagged at me. Walking by a mirror made me cringe. Seeing pictures made me want to cry. I had to do something. If not now, when? I never really developed the habit of working out. It was never a priority for me and before it didn’t matter, but now I’m paying the price. Also, the food. Oh my gosh, the food. I am such a foodie and I love to eat. Stressed? Eat. Upset? Eat. Celebrating? Eat. Even though I try to eat healthy as much as I can and practice portion control, it just isn’t enough. There’s always a craving that needs to be satisfied and some sort of justification for it. The problem is, when I’m not working out and not really dieting, it all adds up.

I finally decided that something, anything, needed to be done. My husband found himself in the same boat and agreed with me, so we pulled the plug on the one thing we thought could actually work for us (after researching many options). We started Nutrisystem*.

I know, I know. I never thought I would do anything like Nutrisystem, but the truth is, it works for a lot of people. I obviously can’t depend on my own will power because that hasn’t gotten me anywhere. This is not a viable long-term plan for us, and I don’t think it should be. We are going to Hawaii in August, so that was our goal date. We are planning on doing this for 3 months and hopefully shedding 35 pounds. I honestly never thought I’d be in a place where I’d need to lose 35 pounds, but here I am. I’m just glad my hubby and I are doing this together. I’m going to need all the support I can get! 

My hope with this plan is that the Nutrisystem will reset our systems, so to speak. It will train us to eat smaller portions more often (you seriously have to eat something every 2-3 hours on this plan). Train us to incorporate more healthy choices into our everyday diet (veggies, smart carbs, protein). They provide you with guides on eating out and transitioning away from Nutrisystem once your goals are met. They allow for “Flex Meals” for lunch and dinner once a week, so you can cook for yourself and pretty much teach yourself how to make better-for-you food.

We just got our first shipment of food yesterday and so we are starting today. I’ve cleared out our fridge and cupboards (except for the kids’ stuff because they are still young and can eat whatever they want…). Since you have to wait for the shipment, I have been working out everyday, so I’ve been doing well with that, which is a start at least. 

I know this is supposed to be a food blog, but I’m hoping by chronicling my journey here I can have some accountability. I will try to talk about the food I am eating because I am a little nervous about it (will it taste good? Will it be enough? Will I just be in a constant state of HANGER??) and hopefully, when I do post recipes from now on, they will be with a healthier twist. With some goodies thrown in here and there, because come on, I’m only human here, people!

Here’s hoping to being bikini ready by August! (or sooner!) Wish me luck!!

*Note: I am NOT being paid by Nutrisystem for anything I say. I really just want to lose the weight and be healthy and if my story can help someone else, then great. My opinions are my own and I will be brutally honest, because I know no other way. Although, on the off-chance someone at Nutrisystem sees this and wants to throw some $$ my way, I won’t say no.


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