New Orleans Food Tour, Day 4: Gator bites, crawfish, shrimp and ham pasta

Yes, you read that right. I skipped day 3. We did something fun and food-related that I want a bit more time to write about than I take when blogging from my phone.  So instead, onto day 4:

For breakfast, we wanted to go to Brennan’s for their legendary eggs Benedict, but apparently you need reservations and we didn’t have any. We went to a place called Stanley’s on Jackson Square and it was delicious! I just had bacon, eggs and creole breakfast potatoes. I didn’t get a picture, but it was really good.

For lunch we split an alligator Po’Boy from Oceana Grill. I had never had alligator before and the best way I can describe it is chickens seafood, but a bit chewy. Sounds strange, I know. But it really was good. I probably won’t be rushing out to have it again, but not bad.  

For dinner we went to Saints and Sinners, which is apparently owned by Channing Tatum.

My hubby had been wanting to try a crawfish boil, since they are in season right now, and they were the only ones around offering one. It was a lot of work to eat a crawfish, but it was a really fun dinner.   

I had a shrimp and Tasso pasta that was unbelievably good! Tasso is a type of ham that is native to Southern Louisiana. It is rubbed with cayenne and other spices and smoked. This pasta was one of my favorite dishes from this whole trip.   


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