Cherry Cheese Danish (Denmark)

For some reason, I always assumed that Danishes (the pastry) were just one of those things that American’s named after another country, but were really just an American creation. That is actually not true. Danishes are actually from Denmark!

A Danish pastry is basically a buttery, flaky pastry with a sweet filling, such as fruit, chocolate, cinnamon. The origin is thought to go back to a bakery workers strike in Denmark in 1850. Because the Danish workers were on strike, bakery owners were forced to hire workers from other countries, most were from Austria. Those workers brought with them new baking traditions (hence why the pastries are categorized as part of the viennoiserie tradition).  After the labor dispute ended, the Danish bakers continued using the Austrian techniques, adjusting them slightly to make them their own.

I’ve always loved danishes. Anytime there is a breakfast buffet somewhere with the pastries at the end, I will always grab one. And the cherry cheese are my favorite.

I found this recipe on another blog: and it was SO EASY!!!!!!!

All you need is cream cheese, some sugar and vanilla, cherry pie filling and a tube of crescent rolls.

Whip the cream cheese and sugar until soft.

Don’t unroll the crescents. Cut them into slices. The recipe says to cut 10, but I only got 9 of what I thought was a good size.

Using a small measuring cup, flatten out the disks you cut. Not too thin, you’re just trying to create a well to put the filling in.

Fill with a dollop of the cream cheese filling and a dollop of the cherry pie filling.

Bake at 350 degrees. The recipe says 18-20 minutes, but I think they could have come out at 16. Just keep your eye on it.

Just beware: These are addicting! They are small and light, so you don’t realize how many you’ve eaten until you’ve eaten too many!



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