I’m Back!!

Remember about 1,000 months ago when I said that I was taking some time off because I was going on vacation and needed to eat like a rabbit so I would look better in my bathing suit, but that I would be back at it as soon as I came back? Well, in my defense, that was the plan. I’ve actually been back for about 2 months now and have been thinking a lot about this blog.Not actually doing the blog, mind you, just thinking about it. A lot, though, so that counts for something, right? Forgive me?

OK, now. I’ve decided to change the blog up just a little (and for anyone who knows me, should have seen this coming from the first post). I am still going to complete my 80 dishes from around the globe. I have a list! But I also really enjoy the specific regional cuisine and culture from all over the US too. And I really like creating my own recipes. When I first started this blog, I had a plan to finish my 80 dishes and then I can go through the US regions and then start adding some of my own random recipes.

Well, I got tired of waiting on myself. It happens. Now I’m going to mix up my 80 global dishes, along with any cultural facts I have about them, with some regional US dishes and their history. I’ll also be adding in recipes I make at random. So basically, there will be a lot of food going on! 

I hope you all continue to enjoy my recipes, my tens of readers.  


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